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Local Vermont Towns to Receive Portions of Grant for Fire Depts.

The rain we’ve had recently has boded well for finally putting a lid on the brush fire season that kept fire departments busy throughout this spring. Now, two departments in our region in Vermont will be better prepared for fires, regardless of what type, be it brush fires or structure fires.

As part of a $700,000 grant provided by three Assistant to Firefighters federal grants, Bellows Falls, Springfield, and Pittsford will receive roughly $680,000 for breathing apparatuses, hoses, and other pieces of equipment.

Officials from Vermont State, including Governor Shumlin, announced the funding Tuesday, which will replace dated equipment in both Bellows Falls and Springfield, some of which dates back to the 1960s.

According to The Eagle Times, the funding will be a part of this year’s budget in Springfield and that the new equipment may be in place by October. In addition, in other parts of the state, in Pittsford, a firefighting training simulator will be installed at the Vermont Firefighting Academy.

The goal of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants is to improve the the safety of firefighters and members of the public by providing funds to purchase new equipment and to better train firefighters before they are called into action.

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