Act 46 Causing Local Vermont Towns to Split Instead of Merge

Vermont towns are continuing to scramble to organize under Act 46 school consolidation. What makes Act 46 so prevalent in our region is that four towns within the same supervisory union, instead of merging together seamlessly, are at odds and uneven terms on how to move forward under the new state initiative.

The Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union, comprising of Windsor, West Windsor, Weathersfield, and Hartland, are continuing to face the dilemma of school choice and the new state directive is giving a major headache to the four towns with how and if they will merge.

Windsor is the only town out of the four with a high school, whilst the other three all promote and foster school choice. Some residents have expressed that they moved to those areas specifically so that they could choose their child’s high school.

If the four merged, school choice could potentially be eliminated, with all students needing to attend Windsor High School. With this in mind, the study committee put together to analyze the options, have stated that they would like to seek an exemption from the state law.

A public forum is being held on June 2nd at 6:30 PM at the West Windsor Town Hall.

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