Claremont Police Officer to Run for Sullivan County Sheriff

An officer within the Claremont Police Department is looking to elevate his career by running for the county sheriff’s office. Andrew O’Hearne, a senior officer within the Claremont PD is planning to retire shortly and is now focusing his efforts on his announcement that he is running for Sullivan County Sheriff.

The Valley News reports that O’Hearne has been with the department for 30 years and after he retires at the end of this year, his goal is to begin 2017 as the county sheriff, continuing his passion for law enforcement. In addition to experience within the local department, the 48-year old is also serving as the Sullivan County District 3 state representative, representing Claremont’s Ward 1.

The run for the position may pit him against another Claremont man, that being Republican incumbent John Simonds. Simonds himself has stated that he is delighted there is now a race for the position, as it serves voters better when there are options.

The Sullivan County Sheriff is responsible for prisoner transport, court security, evictions, working with the New Hampshire Drug Task Force, and more.

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