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NH Man Arrested in Chester Vermont After Stabbing in Keene

Troopers from the Chester Vermont Police Department have arrested a Hinsdale, NH man who allegedly stabbed a man in Keene Tuesday morning.

Keene Police say that a man arrived at the hospital with multiple stab wounds and police were dispatched to Elm and North Street to investigate a possible stabbing incident. Police deduced that the suspect was 30-year old Osvaldo Dejesus and an alert was issued in both states.

Chester police located Dejesus later that afternoon and he tried to flee and disarm an officer, but he was taken into custody and found with 15 grams of heroin on his person.

Chester police have charged him with being a Fugitive from Justice, Trafficking Heroin, Transportation of Heroin in Vermont, Attempted Grand Larceny Attempted Disarming a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

He is currently being held at the Southern State Correctional Facility on $100,000 bail, as he is not only facing the above charges, but a Class A Felony Assault from Keene. If you have any information in this investigation, call Keene Police at 603-357-9820.

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