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Springfield Police Warn Residents of Driveway Paving Scam

Police in Springfield, NH are warning of a scam, but not your usual phone or email scam. If a construction crew showed up at your house and offered to pave your driveway for a low cost, that doesn’t sound too bad right? However, what if once the work was completed, the bill was much larger than expected? Chances are, you’d feel scammed.

Some residents in Springfield had this happen to them and police are warning of a paving scam in town after residents reported that a paving crew showed up at their house and began to work on their driveway. When confronted, the crew used sales tactics to pressure the homeowner into letting them begin a low-cost project.

Once the work was completed, the crew charged a much higher cost than originally stated and would offer a discount if the homeowner paid with cash up front. One victim agreed to pay over $10,000 but the crew left before the work was completed, leaving the driveway in disarray.

Authorities are seeking information on who is responsible for the scam and anyone with information is asked to contact Trooper Michael McLaughlin at 603-223-8855 and to report if a paving crew shows up announced at their residence.

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