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Claremont Man Pays Part of $1000 Bill Left by Trump Campaign

A $1000 bill left by Donald Trump for his January rally in Claremont has been paid back, but only partially. But the reimbursement was not done at the hands of the NH headquarters for the Trump Campaign, and instead came from a local resident who had seen the article about it in yesterday’s edition of The Eagle Times.

The paper reports that Claremont resident Jeremy Herrell, who is a supporter of Trump, was upset about the article, walked into the administrative offices of SAU 6, and paid back the $240 bill with a personal check. The amount owed comprised of the renting cost for the gymnasium at Stevens High School.

However, the additional $840 is still owed by the campaign for fire details that assisted in screening people into the rally back in January. City officials have yet to hear back from either the NH headquarters or the national campaign, but Herrell says that he hopes to start a campaign of his own through Twitter that would rally local residents to help pay back the remainder.

2 Comments on Claremont Man Pays Part of $1000 Bill Left by Trump Campaign

  1. The rally was in January. Does he not get 30 days to pay? I mean really, I know the media hates Trump but lets report real news.

  2. It’s been more than 30 days, and if he is such a great candidate he should honor his financial obligations in a timely fashion. How is he going to balance the budget when he canxt even pay the fee to rent a locale and hire staff to work for a rally? Letting his local supporters pay his overdue debts, which he allegedly could pay with little to no problem, is very bad business, he of all people should know this.

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