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Brattleboro Police & Fire Upgrades Set on Schedule

Following votes earlier this year and the approval of the police and fire upgrades in Brattleboro, the improvements will soon be on a set schedule that some are calling ambitious. The Brattleboro Reformer reports that the newly reconvened Police-Fire Facilities Building Committee is planning a schedule that will outline how the fire station will be brought up to safety standards and how renovations will be completed at the police station’s new address on Black Mountain Road.

The calendar is being described as aggressive and includes 30 days for applicable Development Review Board approval and appeal periods.

The paper reports the committee will be reviewing a site plan for the West Brattleboro Fire Station on May 11th and improvements are scheduled to be done between the middle of summer and will end in early 2017.

Meanwhile, the police station’s new location is undergoing design proposals and will be ready by the end of May, with construction scheduled to begin in November.

The town’s Central Fire Station will also be improved, with construction beginning in the fall as well.

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