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Area Health Providers Team Up to Provide School Flu Clinics

We may all remember that dreadful day in grade school when you’d go to the nurse’s office and they’d stick a scary needle in your arm telling you it’ll help you. Flu shots remain ever-important, especially for kids growing up, and a handful of local health providers are teaming up to make sure that our kids in school stay safe from influenza as they grow into healthy adults.

The Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network has announced that nursing staff members from Valley Regional Hospital, New London Hospital, and the Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice will be providing flu immunization clinics at area schools to help immunize thousands of our area’s youngsters this fall.

This effort is aided considerably by a grant received in 2013 from the NH Department of Health and Human Services and the Lake Sunapee Region VNA alone vaccinated 726 elementary school students last year.

Because there will be three institutions assisting this time around, officials plan to vaccinate high school students as well, which hopes to reduce the frequency of flu outbreaks and help students maintain their health, which has been estimated to save families roughly $450 per school year.

For more on the group that is leading this initiative, you can visit SullivanCountyNH.gov/Public Health to learn a little extra.

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