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Windsor Brainstorms Uses for Former VT National Guard Building

Do you have a need for a large 15,000-square foot facility or are you part of a group that could have a use for one? Well if that’s the case, you may want to check out the former Vermont National Guard Armory in Windsor, Vermont.

Town officials are probing the waters to see if there is any community interest in finding a use for the large building on Route 44. The Eagle Times says that the informal survey of community interest was proposed by one of the town’s selectboard members and around 30 people toured the building Wednesday at 4 PM.

The goal of the tour was to determine possible uses for the building and to see if there is a need or desire to turn the building into a recreational facility. If converted to such a resource, it would become the second in town, the first being the Windsor Recreation Center in the same building as the town offices and fire/police station.

The Vermont National Guard left the building empty when they combined with other Guard contingents, which has happened in another area town: Ludlow.

Town Manager Tom Marsh told the Eagle Times that Ludlow converted their old Guard facility into a community center. Other ideas for the Windsor facility include a bowling alley or an indoor shooting range.

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