Brattleboro Central Fire Station Renovation Approved by Board

The Brattleboro Central Fire Station has had their plans for construction approved by the town’s Development Review Board. This renovation is part of a three-part improvement of the town’s police and fire facilities. The Brattleboro Reformer says that the renovated facility will have three new engine bays and a space for larger vehicles, such as a big ladder truck, and part of one of the bays that faces Elliot Street will be converted to office space.

Firefighters can also expect a new three-story high hose tower and new offices for the captain and lieutenant. No work on the front of the building has been proposed so far save for the idea of redoing some of the pavement to allow for a handicap parking space.

Work on the West Brattleboro Fire Station is ongoing after the site plans were approved earlier this year and the police station is moving forward in their move to Black Mountain Road, in the same building as the Reformer.

The update on that development is that officials are running a second environmental assessment to check out printing process debris that was found in the sewers.

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