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Neighbors Fighting Dartmouth on Grounds of Sound

Neighbors of Dartmouth College in the area around the Alexis Boss Tennis Center are now saying that the facility is violating allowable noise levels and should have its license revoked. The reason for this sudden outcry? Hanover residents in a particular neighborhood are continuing to fight against a proposed 70,000-square foot athletic facility that would be built right off of South Park Street.

The Boss Center was established in 1999 and The Valley News says that seven neighbors submitted a letter to the Hanover Planning Board on Friday about the noise level at the tennis facility.

This may thwart the construction of the large athletic facility, which has yet to be approved or denied, considering that the application is not yet complete.

The Board has since said that if they find a violation at the existing facility, they would try to reduce the noise rather than pull the permit entirely.

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