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Two Men Appear in Court for Recent Heroin Arrests in Lebanon

Two men arrested in Lebanon last week for heroin were scheduled to answer for their crimes Monday in court. Last week, the Lebanon Police Department responded to a reported drug overdose at a residence on Perley Avenue. The first two officers on scene administered CPR to the overdose victim, a 32-year old male, and he was revived shortly after using Narcan provided by the Fire Department.

Police investigated the source of the heroin and led them to 30-year old Brock Richardson of Oak Hill Road in Enfield. He was arrested after being identified as the supplier that caused the overdose and as the seller of heroin to 21-year old Caleb Dumont-Willey of Water Street in Leb. Richardson was charged with two counts of Sale of the Narcotic Drug Heroin as well as the Intent to Distribute.

Dumont-Willey faces charges of possession of heroin and both men were held on $5,000 and $20,000 bail prior to their arraignment, which took place Monday morning.

This batch of heroin was in bags marked “Game of Thrones” and appears to have a high potency level. Police are still investigating and are warning people that this batch could be lethal.

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