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Sunapee Boys Named to All-State Baseball Team in DIV

The all-state baseball lineups have been announced so today we’ll be showing you highlights from the local players selected to represent their schools for division four.

Sunapee dominated the first, second and third team selections for the division. First up is Sunapee senior pitcher/catcher Ben Robinson. Ben was an easy selection for the first team as he was called up to play for Sunapee High when he was in 8th grade so this past year was his 5th season for the Lakers. Ben once again pitched at a very high level, leading his team to a division four championship appearance.

Next up is senior pitcher Cole Cruz. Cole was able to shut down opposing hitters all year long.

And last for the first team selections is senior third basemen Mike Platt. Mike swung the bat well, driving in his Laker teammates all season. He was also great on defense, closing down the left side of the infield.

Now to the second team, junior pitcher/catcher Will Austin was selected for his arm, from both behind the mound and behind the plate.

Sophomore second basemen Cade Robinson made the second team cut, as he stole hits up the middle from opposing batters left and right.

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