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Dartmouth Fraternity House Contests Status with College

In Hanover, a certain fraternity on Dartmouth College’s campus is continuing its fight with college officials in regards to its status. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, located on North College, is no longer formally recognized by the college but is fighting the ruling that the building can’t be used a student residence.

The Valley News says that Sigma Alpha Epsilon is arguing that the building was grandfathered in to town zoning ordinances because it has been active since before the code was enacted, but college officials have found new evidence that SAE has always worked together with the school.

No decision was made during last week’s zoning board meeting on the subject.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon received national attention in 2012 when Rolling Stone magazine published an article on the fraternity’s alcohol-related hazing practices, before new allegations last fall led to the chapter’s suspension.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – which owns its $1.3 million-dollar house on North College Street – is the second fraternity at Dartmouth to be de-recognized in the last two years, as Alpha Delta lost its active status last spring after allegations members had burned brands into their skin.


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