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Council Approves 130-Acre Moody Park Land Addition

In Claremont, in a quick update from a story we brought you last week, city officials have approved the addition of a sizeable portion of land to Moody Park. The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve 134-acres of city-owned land to be merged into Moody Park, a parcel which was located near the western border of the park where the Amtrak line is located.

The Eagle Times says that city officials were largely in favor of the move, because it preserves that section of land and protects it from any sort of industrial or residential development. The 134-acre parcel already contained a handful of hiking/biking trails and the vote has formally adopted them into the existing system.

The land was donated by a wealthy Claremont businessman, William Moody, in 1916 and has since been developed by selective cutting and hiking/biking trails. There are roughly seven miles of these trails and local groups, like the Claremont Cycle Depot, use them regularly for events.

As part of the park’s 100th anniversary this month, many events are taking place all month long. For full details, you can visit www.ClaremontParks.com.

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