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Landscaping Director Explains What The Fells Is All About

The Fells, also known as the Hay Estate, was originally the home of John Milton Hay, a 19th century American Statesman who bought and used the property as a summer home to get away from the stress of working in Washington.

Today, it is a wildlife refuge and is run and maintained by a group of volunteers as well as garden and administrative staff. The Fells landscaping director sat down with YCN to give an overview about what The Hay Estate has to offer during these beautiful summer months.

If you would like to experience the amazing landscape and natural beauty for yourself the Fells gardens and trails are open year round to the public from dawn to dusk for members and from 9am to 5pm for non-members.

The Fells is located in Newbury, New Hampshire off of route 103A. Make sure you take a walk around the grounds at some point in the near future, you won’t be disappointed.

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