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Cornish School District Approved by State, In Effect July 2017

Cornish, New Hampshire will finally be its own SAU starting in July of 2017. The state’s Board of Education approved the decision in May and will go into effect in about one year and three weeks on July 1st, 2017. The withdrawal plan had been in the works for years and was approved by town voters during Town Meeting earlier this year.

The withdrawal plan hopes to save the district money in light of constantly decreasing enrollment and the new district hopes to utilize services from nearby Plainfield and Windsor, Vermont.

Cornish left SAU 6, which currently encompasses Unity and Claremont, and The Valley New reports that the district will move forward under the moniker SAU 100. Officials estimate the town will save approximately $18,000 dollars in its first year as a single-town district and a committee had been formed late last year to analyze the effectiveness of withdrawal.

Throughout the process, town residents had offered their support for the move and town officials will now start looking to Plainfield and Windsor to hire and contract the services that were previously provided by SAU 6.

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