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Governor Vetoes Croydon’s School Choice Tuition Bill

In what was expected by some and unexpected by others, Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed House Bill 1637 Thursday, which would have allowed towns to use tax money to send students to approved private schools. In a release, Hassan calls it “unconstitutional” and says that “would undermine the state’s efforts to ensure a strong and robust public education system.”

The bill stemmed from the Croydon School District where it was revealed that school officials were using public tuition to fund the tuition of four students attending the Newport Montessori School.

The state’s Attorney General’s office filed temporary injunctions on behalf of the state’s Board of Education, requesting that Croydon immediately cease funding the tuitions. The town’s school board voted last year to allow parents of children in grades 4 and up to choose their children’s school. Many state officials have expressed their disapproval of Hassan’s decision, while others back it.

Despite the bill being vetoed, the legal battle still continues for Croydon, using funds collected through an online campaign by town residents.

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