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New London Conducts Annual Town Meeting

Wednesday night, New London’s Town Meeting was moderated by Town Moderator W. Michael Todd and a special moment was given to honor the men and women who have served in all wars and conflicts from WWII until present day.

A tribute was given to former Town Moderator Lloyd Littlefield who passed away recently. Nancy Rollins, Chair of the Selectboard, acknowledged the town’s volunteers and Peter Bianchi, who is retiring this year, was acknowledged as well. Overall, 710 voters turned out to vote for the various items that required voting, including the municipal elections.

Voters appointed Colin Campbell, Lyndsay Lund, and Phyllis Tilson Piotrow to three-year positions to the Budget Committee and gave Joe Cardillo a one-year term on the Committee. Andy Padden and Annie Beck were appointed by vote as library trustees.

We caught up with New London residents and owners of McKenna’s Restaurant, Tracy and John McKenna, and had them reflect on the town meeting and what it means to them.

All five zoning amendments passed without a problem and voters also cast private ballots for proposed articles, which passed.

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