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Rep. Ann Kuster Discusses Canada-US Travel & Business

Congresswoman Ann Kuster visited Claremont Wednesday to discuss expediting travel and business from Canada to benefit the Granite State. She stopped in at the Claremont Community Center at 3 PM to discuss “Promoting Travel, Commerce, and National Security Act”, with the assistance of Mayor Charlene Lovett, City Manager Guy Santage, Amtrak representatives, and representatives from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

This bipartisan legislation would attempt to bolster business and tourism in the Granite State, which already benefits greatly from tourism, and would ease travel and commerce between the US and Canada. We caught up with Kuster afterwards.

Kuster’s visit Wednesday acted as a precursor to a meeting that took place Thursday between President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mrs. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at the White House.

The meeting facilitated legislation that would allow pre-clearance for Canadian residents who wish to travel to the US.

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