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Dog Abandoned in Claremont Adopted From Shelter

A story that will no doubt bring a smile to your face, as a dog found abandoned on railroad tracks last fall in Claremont, has been adopted from a local shelter and will leave for a new home this Friday. This certainly a story of hope, quite literally, as the dog’s name is Hope and she was rescued in late October after being found close to death on railroad tracks in town.

She was taken in by the Lost my Way Animal Shelter here in Claremont. A GoFundMe was set up to help fund Hope’s recovery and just weeks after her rescue, Cathy Sullivan of the Lost My Way Shelter reported that her condition was improving at a steady rate. Just Thursday, months after rescuing Hope, the shelter has announced that she is moving to a new home this Friday.

Multiple announcements have been made via the shelter’s Facebook and nearly 400 people have expressed their delight in Hope having a new home.

She will be joining an Alaskan Husky and a cat friend at her new residence. The Lost My Way Shelter’s work is far from over as there are other animals to adopt. You can check them out on Facebook if you’d like to help out a furry friend.

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