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Moody Building Receives Repairs After Accident

Claremont’s Moody Building is finally being restored to its former glory after an accident in December that damaged some support columns. Wednesday, two historic balcony support columns were re-installed, replacing the temporary supports that were in place for the past two months.

The columns were the originals from the initial construction of the building and were rebuilt because there were no other columns that could be found that would fit the size and look of the building.

The mix-used Moody Building is over 120 years old and area residents have expressed their approval of the columns being repaired. Back in December of 2015, 55-year old Patrick Taylor of Hancock, New York crashed his Jeep into the building after speeding down Pleasant Street and going through Opera House Square, all while under the influence.

Taylor had fled on foot but was apprehended by officers and was indicted in January for reckless conduct and criminal mischief.

Along with repairing the columns, work was also done on the neighboring Farro Deli and the sidewalk, while the balcony itself is scheduled to be repaired in the future.

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