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City Council Approves 20-Year Plan for Lebanon Airport

The Lebanon City Council voted Wednesday night to approve a new 20-year plan to address federal safety requirements at the Lebanon Municipal Airport. Councilors spoke and heard comments from the community before voting 6-2 in favor of the plan.

Councilors say the new proposal requires the removal of fewer trees than previous plans, as well as other cost-saving measures.

The $46.7-million dollar plan will pay for the construction of two new hangars, and improvements to the airport’s snow removal building as well as its aircraft rescue and fire-fighting building.

Other improvements will include the addition of crushable concrete blocks at the end of runways to help stop planes that have gone too far while preventing injuries to those on board.

The city has already met backlash from residents in regards to previously approved improvements, including the installation of two 90-foot hazard beacons and the removal of trees along Poverty Lane.

Failing to comply with the FAA’s requirements would put the airport in jeopardy of losing federal funding.

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