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Game Warden Rescues Trapped Deer in Windsor

Here’s a story for all you animal lovers out there, as the Vermont Game Warden Association rescued a four legged animal from the clutches of some deep snow Wednesday morning in Windsor.

A passerby driving past a river in Windsor Wednesday noticed a deer that had gotten stuck up to its front shoulders in deep snow and ice as it tried crossing the river. The motorist called it in to Warden Timothy Carey, who responded to scene and after a little preparation, waded waist deep into the snow and began shoveling out the deer.

After some vigorous yet careful digging, Carey freed the animal and it was able to run away, a little shaken but otherwise unfazed. Carey recorded the rescue on a camera and the Vermont Game Warden Association posted it on their Facebook page, garnering more than 9000 views and 500 likes from animal lovers across the Twin States.

The Vermont Game Warden Association is based out of Waterbury, roughly 70 miles up I-89.

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