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Sunapee FD Clears Home of Carbon Monoxide

News from the Sunapee Fire Department, who responded to a call just before 5 PM Monday night, but not to a fire. The call came from a neighbor who saw black smoke coming from a chimney of a house at 610 Route 103 in Sunapee.

When firefighters responded,  a high concentration carbon monoxide at 110 PPM, or parts-per-million, was detected by the fire department personnel in the basement and the cause of the black smoke was determined to be a faulty furnace, which firefighters promptly turned off.

The house was then ventilated until the readings were zero.

The high concentration of carbon monoxide detected in the home would “kill a person in 15 minutes” according to Chief Ruggles of the Sunapee Fire Department.

No one was home at the time but the fire department has contacted the homeowner and the furnace was being repaired Monday night.

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