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Talking Trash About Bin Prices in Brattleboro

The Brattleboro Pay As You Throw Advisory Committee talked trash at last week’s Selectboard meeting, discussing the new trash pickup schedule which is set to go into effect in July.

The development comes in the form of a recommendation from the Committee to the Selectboard that asks for residents to pay for their own trash bins as the price to buy bins from the town will increase later this year.

Earlier this month, town officials in Brattleboro voted to reduce the frequency of garbage collection from every week to every other week. A trash bin was given out free to residents when mandatory recycling was enacted years ago, but with the upcoming bi-weekly pickup schedule, residents will likely need a second or third bin to hold two weeks worth of trash, versus just one week.

Currently, to buy another bin from the town, residents can pay $9, which is a discounted price compared to that at a store.

This price is likely to go up in August to draw in more revenue for residents looking to buy another trash can on the bi-weekly pickup schedule.

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