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Boy Injured After Falling Off Ragged Mountain Chairlift

It was a scary scene at Ragged Mountain in nearby Danbury on Saturday as an 11-year-old Nashua boy was injured after falling off one of the resort’s chairlifts.

According to authorities, the boy was riding up the lift with his father and brother shortly before 3:30 Saturday afternoon when he fell some 20-feet onto a closed trail.

The boy, identified as Cameron Prangley, slipped while trying to pull down the safety bar and was briefly held up by his father Doug before losing his grip. Ski patrols weren’t notified of the accident until the lift reached the top of the mountain.

A DART helicopter was initially dispatched to the scene but was called off before arriving. The boy was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance and is believed to have suffered a concussion as well as several bumps and bruises.

State inspectors deemed the lift safe for operation on Sunday, though Ragged Mountain is continuing to investigate the incident.

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