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Windsor Police Delete Report on Officer Involved Fight

An interesting story out of Windsor Vermont now as the Windsor Police Department is covering their own tracks after they reportedly deleted a police report about an officer-involved bar fight.

The Valley News conducted an investigative report which recently uncovered that a police report about a bar fight that occurred in the Windsor Station Restaurant last year involving an officer, could no longer be found.

The Valley’s report shows that the incident occurred on December 5th 2014 and involved an altercation between William Henne of Windsor, a resident known for minor offenses with police, and officer Ryan Palmer, who had shot a White River Junction man three weeks prior during a drug sting.

Reports of the cause of the fight were hazy at first but ultimately reached the state’s Attorney General’s Office which determined that the evidence showed that Palmer was responsible.

An initial police report filed by Windsor Police saying that an officer assaulted a civilian was soon deleted after it was released. This recent discovery has questioned the necessity of a further investigation into the incident.

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