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Vandals Topple Headstones at Newport Cemetery

In Newport, vandals damaged or destroyed 32 gravestones late last month at the historic Maple Street Cemetery. Police say the vandalism likely occurred the night of Nov. 27 and 28, and that they currently have no leads into potential suspects.

Officers did acknowledge they believe there was more than one vandal, and that it was mostly likely done by a group of teenagers.

Meanwhile, town officials have estimated damage at upwards of $30,000 dollars to repair the cemetery dating back to the early 1800s.

The town doesn’t own the cemetery, though. and therefore cannot utilize an insurance policy to pay for damages, leaving many officials wondering how that bill will be paid.

Police say the majority of the damage was done in the cemetery’s “old section”, and that action is considered a Class B felony.

Newport Police is asking anyone with information on the vandalism to contact the department at (603) 863-3232).

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