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Mother Suing After Student Knocked Unconscious

News of yet another example of bullying in the region, this time right here in Claremont. The mother of a Stevens High freshman is suing the school district after her daughter was knocked unconscious by a fellow female student on school grounds.

According to the Eagle Times, the incident occurred in a Stevens hallway after class on Nov. 9 despite several warnings. The girl’s mother, Samantha Wilson, says her daughter was grabbed by the hair and had her head slammed into the floor rendering her unconscious.

The girl then began punching Wilson’s daughter in the face and reportedly struck a teacher who intervened. Wilson’s daughter allegedly received a threatening text message from the student the previous day, but school administrators ignored her daughter’s request to have a faculty member escort her between classes.

The suit will be filed in civil court next month, with Wilson seeking retribution for medical expenses and emotional trauma endured as a result of the incident.

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