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Newport Delays Single Financial District

In Newport, the idea of combining school and town finances has been set on the backburner.

The Sunshine Town has been considering create a single school and town financial district for some time now, but the process has been delayed while the town sorts out their possible withdrawal from School Administrative Unit 43.

Newport’s withdrawal from the SAU was denied by the state’s Board of Education for one simple reason: their withdrawal committee had only 4 members of the required 5 to complete to action.

The plan is still moving forward as Newport looks for a fifth member to fill the seat and resubmit a plan by early 2016.

The delay of the single school and town financial district is pending entirely on the withdrawal plans, as the secession would mean the school board would need to add extra funds to the budget in order to support the SAU budget.

Combining both the town and school finances would mean that the school would be more suited for sustainability on its own.

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