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Drive Safely this Winter with Snow Tires

In the wake of numerous vehicular accidents this past week, especially due to the inclement weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, there is no better time to get your car prepared for the winter driving conditions.

Snow tires are the biggest asset in getting your car geared up to handle the often hazardous snowy conditions. Although an initial set may cost you, before the snow falls and with numerous automotive shops in our area, it is a worthwhile investment to have a set put on your vehicle of choice. Snow tires come in a variety of types for different terrain, including studded tires that make a distinguishable sound as they drive by.

The winterized tires use rubber compounds to grip the road at low temperatures and have a special tread pattern to help the car bite down into the snow.

We all know that winters in our region can sometimes be relentless and those early morning ski trips with fresh snow on the ground can be made a lot safer with a set of snows, but your best defense against adverse conditions is a cool-headed mindset and control.

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