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Lebanon Business Move Approved by Claremont

A Lebanon manufacturing business is one step closer to shifting its base of operations to Claremont thanks to a unanimous vote Monday night by the city’s planning board.

The board approved minor modifications to the site plan of a 138,000-square-foot building on River Road that was built in 2008 but never occupied. New Hampshire Industries – a manufacturing company that assembles precision machine parts – has said it plans to transfer the business and its 70-some employees to the more spacious Claremont facility.

Aside from amending the site’s usage, the board also waived on-site parking requirements and offered addition assistance if more parking is eventually needed. The building’s original parking lot was never completed during the facility’s 2008 construction.

New Hampshire Industries is still in the process of purchasing the building owned by Ice River Springs – a water bottling company – but has said a move could be completed by the end of next year.

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