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Gov. Shumlin Announces Traffic Fine Forgiveness

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin was in the area Monday, in Woodstock, to make a pretty big announcement for anyone with a traffic-related fine or revoked driver’s license.

With the assistance of other Vermont officials, the governor announced that on December 11th, any resident of Windsor County with an outstanding traffic fine or even a revoked license, can pay a mere $25 per ticket to have fines forgiven, regardless of the actual cost of the fine. What’s more is that drivers who have held their license withheld can pay the same amount to have their license reinstated.

Now there are a few nuances: you can qualify for the ticket reduction only if the tickets are from traffic infractions and that the license suspension stemmed from an inability to pay fines, not from DUI or serious offense such as a felony.

Again, the day is December 11th and is for residents of Windsor County.

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