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Dartmouth President Addresses Protest

An update in a story that continues to make national headlines since it began on November 12th. The Black Lives Matter protest at Dartmouth College in Baker-Berry Library that allegedly saw physical violence and verbal threats has been addressed by the school’s president. Phil Hanlon, sent out a campus-wide email Monday in which he praised the gathering itself, calling it “Dartmouth at its strongest”.

However, he goes on to call the alleged reports of insults of intimidating actions in the library as unethical and against what the school stands for.

He reinforced that school officials are continuing to examine what actually transpired in the library and are investigating the claims that have been made, with Hanlon saying that they will enforce appropriate sanctions.

The president’s announcement comes after the vice provost of student affairs, Inge-Lise Ameer, apologized during a meeting last week to the protestors for having felt victimized.

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