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Claremont Cashing In Environmental Credits

On an educational note, the Claremont School District could earn between $20-and $24-thousand dollars in revenue in return for the sale of thermal renewable energy certificates thanks to legislation finalized just last year. Legislation was passed back in 2012 to allow thermal energy to be eligible for the state’s renewable energy credit program, but regulations weren’t finalized until just last year.

Both Stevens High School and Claremont Middle School were equipped with the necessary biomass equipment last year, making this the first year the district it eligible to see a return. Energy certificates are sold at auction by utility companies, which allows the companies to lower their CO2 requirements for New Hampshire.

The nearby Mascoma School District netted approximately $21,000 dollars in its first year selling back thermal energy, and is expected to increase that amount this year.

The Claremont School Board plans to discuss the program during its next meeting scheduled for Dec. 2.

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