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Springfield School Examines Proposed Budget

A proposed budget for the 2017 fiscal school year could mean the loss of the Springfield School District’s Gateway Behavorial Collaborative, and 14 coinciding positions.

Springfield Superintendent Zachary McLaughlin proposed his $26.9 million-dollar budget earlier this week, which comes at a significant savings when compared to the district’s current $28.9 million-dollar budget.

The Gateway Behavorial Collaborative is a program that offers enhanced support for K-12 special education – and at-risk – students who struggle within a typical, and home-school environment.

The program currently operates within the Riverside Middle School, and currently has an enrollment of 10 students. Cutting the program from the 2017 fiscal budget will save the district $720,000, though it will also eliminate 14 positions.

The school board – along with eight recently designed subcommittees – will now scrutinize the superintendent’s proposal before deciding whether to put it in front of the town for March voting.

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