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Dartmouth Releases Statement on Protest

News out Dartmouth College that has made national headlines: On Thursday, around 150 Dartmouth students marched into and through the campus’s iconic Baker-Berry library in the name of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Initial reports from news sources including The Dartmouth Review, claimed that the protest escalated into physical violence.

However, the college released a statement Monday saying that no complaints of physical violence resulting from the protest have been made and that school officials are continuing to follow up on any complaints stemming from Thursday’s incident.

The statement says that a Black Lives Matter art piece at the campus’s Collis Center was vandalized recently, which caused a large group of students to hold a peaceful meeting Thursday night to support the national movement.

Afterwards, a smaller group moved to the library and launched a second demonstration, from which the reports of physical violence stemmed. Black Lives Matter is an international activist movement that began roughly in 2013 through social media.

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