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Claremont Engages Winter Parking Ban

Well we’ve got an alert to another winter parking ban in our area currently in effect. Claremont has engaged a barking ban, which began on the first of November and will run until April 15th.

Just like Hanover, which we told you about Monday, no parking is permitted on city streets between 12:00 midnight and 7:00 AM. Multiple towns in our area enforce winter parking bans as to allow for easier snow removal, but you will face a ticket if you park during these hours regardless of the weather.

As a note, Claremont streets are plowed when there is at least two inches of snow on the ground and the trucks don’t stop until all the roads are clear. Side roads that receive a high amount of traffic take priority and residential neighborhoods follow.

The Claremont Department of Public Works has multiple plow routes and the parking bans serve to make their job easier. Again, the winter parking ban is currently in effect and will be lifted mid-April.

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