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Gov. Hassan Calls for Meeting on Opiate Addiction

Now to a story we first brought you Wednesday, in which there are more details. Governor Maggie Hassan and members of the New Hampshire Executive Council were in the region yesterday, visiting both Claremont and Newport. In Claremont they discussed economics with city officials, including the topic of trade with Canada.

However, in Newport, the discussion centered on fighting the growing opiate addiction problem in the Granite State. Governor Hassan made a motion to hold a special legislative session on November 18th this year that will discuss legislation that would work to fight the opiate and heroin crisis.

Nearly 260 people have died in New Hampshire this year from the growing issue and only one Councilor opposed Hassan’s motion for a special meeting.

However, Hassan’s proposal was not without criticism, as some of the councilors noted that her timing was off and that the issue is being addressed late, rather than a year earlier.

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