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Dartmouth Moves Forward in New Plan

News out of Dartmouth College where the school is moving forward. We use those words intentionally, as the Ivy League school is embarking on their newest program, Moving Dartmouth Forward.

According to Dartmouth’s website, the goal of the program is to move forward in multiple regards to campus life, including fundamentally transforming residential life, promoting a healthier and safer campus, enhancing academic rigor, and being accountable.

As part of the plan’s most immediate changes, there will be six new residential communities based in current residence halls and all will start housing students come next move-in day next fall.

The plan has been in the works for over a year and was announced by President Phil Hanlon on January 29th this year. As part of the development process, there were more than 40 student groups, 50 alumni groups, and 2000 email suggestions as to how to enhance campus life and academics. For more information on Moving Dartmouth Forward, you can visit http://www.Forward.Dartmouth.edu.

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