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Croydon School Board Unmoved by AG’s Office

A follow-up on a story we’ve been following since August, as the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has asked a judge to forbid the Croydon School Board from using tax money to pay for private-school tuition. The civil complaint filed in Sullivan County Superior Court asks for permanent injunctions against the board, as the result of $32,000 being used to fund the tuition of four Croydon students who attend the Newport Montessori School.

The Croydon School board began it’s school choice policy last year, giving families the opportunity to choose their children’s school beyond the fourth grade. The majority of those students attend Newport public schools, though four this year are attending the Montessori school. T

he school board has already defied a September 28 deadline to comply with the state’s demands, and have said they are preparing for what could be a lengthy battle in court with help from an online-fundraising campaign. More than $20,000 has already been raised in just about a month.

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