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SAU 43 Takes Look at Proposed 2016-2017 Budget

The SAU 43 school board got a glimpse of its proposed 2016-17 budget earlier this week, despite withdrawal committees in both Newport and Croydon opening the doors for the district’s possible dissolvement.

The proposed budget of almost $89,000 is up more than 11-percent from last year’s budget, and includes a 3-percent pay increase for all SAU staff. The district is currently entangled in controversy with the state’s Department of Education over its school choice policy, which promoted the towns of Newport and Croydon to establish withdrawal committees.

The State has said it’s illegal for the town of Croydon to be paying the tuition of five students attending a private Montessori school in Newport. Newport has already submitted formal withdrawal plans to the state, and if approved, would go on the ballot for town voting in March.

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