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Claremont Soup Kitchen Names New Financial Director

Right here in Claremont, the city’s soup kitchen has been reeling from a controversy of its own after a former member of the board of directors requested a formal investigation into the kitchen by the state’s Attorney General’s office.

But the Claremont Soup Kitchen is taking strides in moving forward – even after the unexpected resignation of the board’s vice president – hiring a brand new finance director earlier this month.

According to the Eagle Times, Claremont resident Cindy Stevens began work in the position last week, after a lengthy career in banking and bookkeeping. The kitchen’s board of directors has been working in recent months to restructure its administration, and as a result, divided the director position into two separate positions with both a financial and facilities director.

The soup kitchen – which made headlines late last month when board Vice President Bruce Howard resigned after an unexpected closed-door meeting – is located right on Central Street, and is open weekdays from 4 to 5 p.m.

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