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Dartmouth Police Report Low Numbers of Homecoming Arrests

Well there was certainly cause to celebrate during Dartmouth homecoming this past weekend – especially after the football team’s 35-3 victory over rival Yale – but according to Hanover police, those celebrations were a bit tamer this year than in years’ past.

According to the department’s police logs, only three alcohol-related arrests were made between Wednesday night – when homecoming festivities began – through Sunday evening. During that same stretch last year, police made 10 alcohol related arrests, and in 2013 police made 11 arrests.

Those numbers also include underage drinkers taken into protective custody. Some of the decrease in arrests may be linked to a new college policy implemented earlier this year banning the possession, consumption and service of hard alcohol during events frequented by undergraduates.

It should be noted, though, that those statistics do not include an additional seven confirmed cases of individuals being transported to hospitals due to alcohol poisoning.

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