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Newport School District Finalizes Secession Plan

Newport’s school district has finalized plans to secede from SAU 43, and will submit its proposal to the state’s Department of Education later this week.

Newport’s proposal will be presented to the Croydon School Board during Wednesday night’s scheduled meeting – though only as a courtesy – as Croydon is the only other town currently incorporated in SAU 43. Goshen, Lempster and Sunapee have all left the district in the past 10 years.

If approved by the state, Newport would then put the plan on its ballot for March elections. From there – if passed by a 60-percent majority – the new single-town district could be in operation by July 1.

SAU 43 is still wrapped up in controversy after a cease-and-desist order was sent to the Croydon Select Board ordering the board to stop funding the tuition of students attending private schools.

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