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Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig Speaks at New England College (Interview)

Speaking of presidential candidates, on September 9th, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig announced a run for president. He made this announcement to a friendly crowd at the Earl M. Bourdon Elderly Housing Development in Claremont and promised ideas such as campaign finance reform.

Thursday, Lessig was in New Hampshire at New England College and spoke to supporters and press alike. YCN was there and political correspondent John O’Connor spoke with Lessig after his town hall-style meeting. He asked Lessig what the markers would be that he had achieved his goals.
If you’d like to see John’s full interview with Lawrence Lessig, you can see it on our website ycnnow.com under the Campaign 2016 tag. Also on our website are excerpts of Lessig’s announcement speech earlier this month.

Tune in to YCN News again Friday to see another feature on Lessig’s New England College visit as we break down his speech.

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