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Solarize Upper Valley Round Three Nearing Deadline

Solar energy has been in the headlines a lot recently, with the most recent proposed solar site in Windsor Vermont taking the limelight. While members of the public nearly unanimously opposed the site, solar energy for individual households was brought up by a citizen at a public forum.

Solarize Upper Valley offers just that, giving area residents an opportunity to have their house and property examined for solar suitability and even have panels installed. A deadline of September 30th is in place for any interested homeowners or businesses.

Solarize is a program under Vital Communities, which works in both states in our area to fulfill regional needs and community interests such as renewable energy. Solarize’s website states that they have helped around 300 homes in the Upper Valley region in what they called Round Two.

Round Three is currently underway in Enfield, Lebanon, Windsor, Weathersfield, Cavendish, and a few other communities, and has the deadline of September 30th.

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