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Downed Power Line Causes Detour in Claremont

There was a minor detour Tuesday morning for any commuters traveling on Main Street in Claremont.

A downed power line caused authorities to block a section of road between the Mobil station and the bridge over the Sugar River, causing drivers to take a slight detour around the site. Claremont Police and the Claremont Fire Department both responded to the scene around 10 AM.

Two residents who live on Main Street right next to the downed line said that a dump truck working in the area had its bed in the upright position and had pulled the line down. Neither saw the accident happen but reported hearing a loud noise outside.

Authorities on the scene told YCN News that only one house had lost power from the fallen line and that they were waiting for the power company to arrive and restore the line before they opened the road.

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