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Claremont School District Mulls Expansion of Maple Ave. School Parking Lot

The Claremont School District unveiled revised plans Monday night to create an additional 23 parking spaces at the now packed Maple Avenue Elementary School parking lot.

The district presented its plans during last night’s Claremont Planning Board meeting, though questions still remain as whether the additional spaces would meet the school’s needs. The school has a current need for approximately 90 parking spaces, but with some 60-odd spaces available, some staff have been forced to park along Maple Ave. or Canterbury Way.

The district’s plans would move the fence running along Canterbury Way back about 20 feet – then pave the area to create 13 spaces. Another 10 spaces would be added by removing the lilac trees along the current parking lot.

The board will now weigh the district’s plan before issuing a potential response at its next meeting slated for September 28.

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